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Dr. Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya "I have always felt at one with rebels, wherever they are, because like the artist they want to reform the chaotic world by imposing on it a form of material unity ..." said Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya, in 1980. It was this very streak of the rebel that wouldn't let him oblige the bureaucracy of the All India Radio, two decades earlier, by dropping the poem "Naganir Chitthi" (Letter from a Naga woman) and choosing another poem for recitation: he would rather not participate in the poetic symposium than toe the official line.


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10th Aug, 2022

Yaruingam Yaruingam
Year of Publication: 1960
Publisher: Lawyers Book Stall, Guwahati

Translated into: Bengali, Malayalam
Mrityunjaya Mrityunjaya
Year of Publication: 1970
Publisher: Sahitya Prakash

Translated into: Hindi, Nepali, Bengali, English